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U 4 / 14 Hamersley Drive Clyde North Australia

Motherhood is no joke. That’s why mother of two Bianca founded a business where mothers could feel supported by an incredible range of products. Today, that business is Zoe Sage, home of the Zoe Sage 5 in 1 Mama Cover.

The 5 in 1 Mama Cover is a breastfeeding cover, nursing cover, trolley cover, pram cover, capsule cover, highchair cover, and infinity scarf all in one. Backed by beautiful and careful design, the 5 in 1 is designed to make you look great and feel confident as a mother. It’s an endlessly practical tool that is truly a lifesaver for new and experienced mothers.

The Zoe Sage range also includes baby blankets, wraps and slings, baby towels, pram bags, the NursElet, and much more. Explore the Zoe Sage range online and shop today, or alternatively, enquire about wholesale opportunities.

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